Hello, my name is Nikolaos, i have register on wholesale2b.com at september 2012 because i was lookingfor dropshipping business.

This company cooperates with a few dozens suppliers who provides dropshipping plans for resellersIf you visit the website you can see 3 different Plans:1. eBay Plan for 99.99$/year or 24.99$/month (with this plan you can sell dropship product on ebay)2. website Plan for 299.99$/year or 39.00$/month (with this plan you have an autoupdate website)3. datafeed plan for 149.99$/year or 24.99$/month (with this plan you have csv files with products)

First of all i have pay a monthly datafeed Plan (24.99$) and i have ask for an Amazon csv file to import itin my amazon inventory. I have choose a big supplier with 140.000 products and i have ask for a price markup 20%

I have downloated my first csv file and i have import it in my Amazon.com inventory and i have see this 2 problems:Problem 1: the inventory was in about 5.000 products and not 140.000 productsProblem 2: i have sell my first product and i have see that the price & wholesale2b fees was higher than my profit

So the next i have ask for a new csv file with 60% markup because with the 20% i have lost money, after that i realisethat i was have the same problem again with some of my products and also nobody buy my products because of the high prices

So i have cancel the datafeed plan and after a few months i have buy the website plan for 299.99$/yearI was believe that with the website plan the prices and the products stock will updates automatically.

The next day i realise that i was have the same problem as Amazon with the prices.After that i have check the admin panel and this is some of the problems:1. i do not have an rss feed or any options about that, so i can not autoupdate my facebook & twitter page & also my customers can not informed about any new products

2. i do not have any options about facebook intergration. this is the A & Z to a website advertising

3. i can not also add a favicon in my website. believe me i have a server with 90$/year and unlimited traffic and i have pay those crooks 270$ and i can't even add a favicon in my website.

4. i can not change html or css.

5. i can not change the position of my main page gadgets (not even change the categories to be first in the left side panel)

6. i can not edit the categories menu, i was want the subcategories to be in the categories menu and not in main page.

So clearly i have lost 299.99$ (website plan) + 24.99$ (datafeed plan) = 324.98$

Be aware of those Crooks, before you go there just check the contact us page and you will see that you can onlycontacting them by email or support ticket. You will not see any Phone number or fax.This is a Crooks company and you will loose your money. The customer service replie's after 24 hours without any help.

After the payment they have not provide me any documentation, VAT etc. This is a tax avoiders company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $325.

Location: Athens, Attica

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They sure are crooks and belong in jail !!! they do not have a business license or pay taxes , they are an underground illegal business and need to be shut down!


Please contact the FBI and report them for fraud.


I would like to think this is a genuine site, however in trying to submit a Question via the Contact link, the site just takes you on a run-around and no way is it possible to make contact.

Is this a scam site ?

My gut says yes because when companies hide and you cannot contact them easily, there is something not quite right.


that site is a total scam! illegal !

they did reply to me but with total idiotic response and they swear it snot a scam but will take your money and leave you with nothing ! they should be shut down!


And can you tell me how did they survive 5 years if they scammed so much people? And can you tell me why there are some of people who are telling they succeeded with them?


no one succeeds with them , they likely pay people to post it but its all a lie!! the whole operation is a total rip off 1200 1st N seattle washington is their address! the owner is mike fender and he is a total crook!



I got fooled too. Orders take too long to process.

Suddenly orders are cancelled without notice, after you email them you get response after 3 days that the order is cancelled.

Destroyed my Amazon account.



Many thanks for saving my money. God bless you, friend.


Thank you so much for your post. This has saved me a lot of money and time.


that's why you learn how to dropship properly first before making these mistakes..



Thank you for the for post its going to save me allot of time and headache i don't need...I'm still in the search for companies welling to dropship with the type of products im looking for :(


CROOKS.. said they processed a refund.

The first hour I looked at that i knew there would be no way I can make money using their service. I would have to list a dog toy for 25.00 ..

who in their right mind would buy one at that price? Still waiting for my refund to be processed.


Thank you very much Sir, you have saved me from this cheater as i was fully prepared to buy their plan.Once again i express my gratitude that because of you i could save my hard earned money.



hi i have emailed them and got a email the same day all 3 times. are you emailing mike?

i have not gotten a plan yet though.

thanks for the tips. any sales on your website yet?


Thanks for the article, And what dropshipping you advise to use?


i was waiting for this comment to confirm. I logged into the site and found the same problem like i have already found in other wholesale website, price higher than Amazon or Ebay competitor in most interesting product


The key is to be a better seller by having better ad copy better titles better pictures not worrying about competitors or being the lowest price. Sometimes you will get found in the search results and sometimes your competitor will get found in the search results it's all about how you manage your Dropship business. People want results overnight and not just doesn't happen

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