I signed up with wholesale2b.com for amazon for $37, after I singned up I had to signed up on amazon and pay almost $40 to amazon for sining up. When I started selling products on Amazon I was very disapointed and felt like I had fall on a Scam.

the products from the distribuitor from wholesale2b are way to high for wholesale price. The products I was selling on amazon were overpriced compared to many other sellers, with my profits of few cents to few dollars ,there are up to 150 seller selling the same products. very conpetetive and without a chance to sell a product against the importers selling on amazon, they sell some products at about a 1/4 of the price of dropshippers. But there is more bad news, I have to pay fees per sale to Amazon and wholesale2b .

this wholesale2b and the Amazon program is not recomended to anybody, its better to have your own web site to sell , so you don't have to pay fees. and try finding other real wholesalers that sell at real wholesale price.

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i tried several of their packages and its all the same. they profit but the users dont , they have their favorites who make money and make the company look like its real but there are so many users that is no longer profitable , i never made a single penny off their products


I'm glad read your message , I almost sign on with them , thank you for your advice.


I agreed with you. I signed up for all inclusive plan and found out there is no way you can make profit with the price offer by Wholesale2B suppliers.

You can buy them from Amazon website for more than 50% less than these suppliers offer. The website they design for me look like garbage that I need to do cleanup n I’m not a tech savvy so, look like I will dump everything n exist it when my plan expires.

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