I purchased one of their website plans. It was a nightmare dealing with this company. I worked and worked and worked trying to make this site profitable. On their ad they state they will give you your choice of THREE VENDORS from their numerous suppliers and they will pre-stock your store with these products.. ITS A COMPLETE FARCE.. THey stock your store with VERY FEW of the thousands of products from the vendors. I chose three vendors and together those three vendors had between 22-23 thousand products and most of them I cant even find. They have your store set up with categories such as "8 pc bedding" or "tvs" . .

When you click those tabs there will be only a handful of products in each category. You have to search the products out in the search engine by typing VERY SPECIFIC THINGS such as 8pc. You can't type in 8pc bedding or 8pc bed sets or 8 pc bed sets or bed sets or anything like that you have to type in 8pc HOW DOES THE CUSTOMER know that? They don't.. They do NOT stock your store with these products.. I found the same thing in nearly every category.

The suppliers I was supposed to have had dozens and dozens of TV products listed but when you click the "TV" link in my store you find like 2 or 3 tvs and a handful of adapters and antennas.. ITS A FRAUD.. I had to file with my credit card company.. I Stated ALL the issues directly to the company .. THEY EVEN BLAMED THE SUPPLIERS for the issues stating they didn't show up in the search because the vendors didn't have them listed propertly.. Who's fault is that? ITS NOT MINE.. I didn't get what I paid for..

They ADMITTED IT then after two weeks of working day and night trying to make it work they told me I could go in and edit the products one by one and "FIX IT" where it would show up/? Some of these suppliers have TENS OF THOUSANDS of products.. It would be impossible. It is a MESS.. You don't get a READY TO USE store.. Its a fraud. They won't give you your money either. They will make every excuse in the world . Blame the vendors and then try to keep your money.

I'm filing a complaint with the BBB and the State Attorney GEneral . This is another one of those SCAMMERS.. They know they have your money and think you can't do anything about it and they have no doubt beat a lot of people like me out of money.. Here is a VERY LONG conversation below that I had with this company where they OPENLY BLAME THE VENDORS / acknowledge the problem and STILL keep my money.. I"ve already looked online. The complaints are starting to flow in. These online line company / wholesalers / dropshippers are nothing but frauds.

The products are priced WAY to high to make any money. The shipping cost is VERY expensive. Many of the products that they supposedly are selling you at "wholesale" when you google them actually cost more than you can buy them for all over the web.. I spent dozens of hours looking them up one by one and nearly everything I found listed with these companies, including the bedding, is ALREADY BEING SOLD ALL OVER THE NET by the VERY VENDORS supplying to you and selling to you at the same cost or more that they are selling for online.. ITS NOT WHOLESALE ..

It may be drop shipping but the average person wont EVER make any money at it because there are too many site issues, cost. fees, over priced shipping, over priced "whole sale" , over priced site cost , lack of products that you are supposed to have etc etc. Its ANOTHER scam .. I wouldn't recommend anyone try to use it unless you have a LOT, LOT, LOT of time on your hands to reprice. pick through, figure out how to navigate this site. Their store set up is probably THE HARDEST of any I've ever used to try to work with and I've used several.

I cant copy the emails to this site for some reason but I have them if you want to read them. I am also going to file my own compaint and put the emails in using another means. REMEMBER THIS. These sites aren't there to make you money.. They are there to make THEM a LOT of money off thousands of us who don't get what we pay for. They count of the fact that they make money when you prepay.. READ THEIR TERMS BEFORE YOU SIGN UP. You won't get your money back when you realize that its a big mess that you will have a VERY hard time making money out of.

They've made sure with all their "DISCLAMIER PROVISIONS" that they are protected and you won't get your money back even when you prove they haven't provided you with what they promise. I filed with my credit card company and had to prove it to get my money back by their own emails where they blame the vendors for THEIR LACK OF STOCKING MY STORE as they promise.. They make a LOT of money off of unwary people and vendors. I copied the store listings / sites / categories / emails to prove what I'm saying is ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

You won't get 22 thousand products that ANYBODY CAN FIND for the most part. Your customers can't find them when you can't find them yourself. Anyway.. Be REAL WARY of ANY of these type companies. I've tried several and its not easy to make money out of them . You cant just buy a store and be in business as they make it sound. You have to have customers. You have to have PRODUCT / you have to have suppliers that sell at wholesale or you cant compete . .You have to have shipping cost that are competitive and you have NONE of that with most of these vendors.

I would NOT do it again for anything in the world. I will never try another one of them and if you take the time to look all over the net and read , google these companies.. Spend a few hours looking up the complaints on ALL of your web browers , you are going to find that its not worth it and there's a LOT of people who are complaining because they got RIPPED OFF JUST LIKE ME and had to go through *** to even try to get it resolved...

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Fredericktown, Ohio

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Thank you very much for taking the time to comment like you did! I really appreciate that.

It means a lot to me. I do the same thing whenever it's necessary to let others know as well. As consumers we must help each other out.

However, there MUST be a way, I believe, to do this properly with a 'real' organization.

My brother just got a text two weeks ago from a friend in another state telling him she made $50,000 her first 3 months selling on eBay and Amazon dropshipping. She has never done anything like it before and has no experience. She provided a link to my brother who has yet to share it with me.

So keep looking and don't give up.

A few dollars here and there and sometimes getting ripped off in the process is part and parcel to learning the way that does work. It is part of the "investment" of making thousands!

It's the old "pareto's principle" or the 80/20 rule. Thousands of people are making hundreds of dollars a month on eBay and Amazon, but only hundreds are making Thousands of dollars a month. Those hundreds did what most people won't do...all the homework.

All the trial and error and lost dollars to make thousands later. Keep on Keeping on. That's what I plan on doing.

Thanks again for the article~! We all appreciate you bunches!


And from all the hype these guys tell you that drop shipping is profitable,

I was going to try to position myself with an Amazon link from a website and use the margin for research, But I guessed wrong.

Glad you guys set me straight, Just have to do it another way.


Totally agree.Not a chance to make money with their websites or Amazon push over because the price is a joke and not ment to make us money at all.They Do!!

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