I signed up 11/14 and after going on to amazon to start putting in products, I was amazed to find the wholesale2b lists a amazon MSRP price, but that is NOT the actual price that amazon suggests for their items. It is WAY lower.

So now you thought you were going to be making money, and then you see what wholesale2b charges their members for the item, plus a fee, PLUS 3% and then dont forget the amazon monthly fee you have to pay to be a professional seller......$38 and THEN you also get charged 10% for each item. Keep your money people, you get screwed.

The ONLY one thats getting rich is Mike, with wholesale2b.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $38.

Preferred solution: EVERYONE is going to hear about how shady this company is....best referral I can give..

Wholesale2b Cons: There is no refund, There is no telephone number, Its all about wholesale2b profits.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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i got a refund out of them a few years ago after i would not let up day in day out in email he said he cant refund me i said yes you can unless your arm is broken and cussed at them told em they would be called bend over fender in prison. after he had enough he refunded most of the website cost but not the setup cost.

the set up sucks and i refused to pay for it .

then i made them delete my account and had to jump their case again a few months later about invite emails to come back. they are total crooks


Thank you for letting people know! I noticed their so-called "wholesale" prices are very, very expensive and would be impossible to compete on amazon or ebay.

And they charge a fee to ship to the US so that you can sell the item? It's definitely a Middle-Man Company that is there for the Newbies who don't know they can get a better deal elsewhere!

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