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Stay away form this website. http://www.wholesale2b.com/ is nothing but a scam. You recevie a free memebership and the princing and items are ABC 123. Once you pay for your membership, Item fees are XYZ 489. The items that are seen on the free membership and not under the full membership system. Absolutly misleading. I noticed this 2 minuts after I paid for the membership. I email http://www.wholesale2b.com/ and they said once you pay you will not receive your money back. ( its their polcy.) And the shipping cost is abosolutly insane. $12 shipping on a item that cost $4.

ZERO profit margin, absoute scam.

This is their repy

06/09/15 09:05 PM

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Our business model is based on providing all new members access to all our products and prices before paying for a plan. This is done especially because our membership fees are not refundable once paid. We provide all the information up front to allow new members to review the products and prices before making a commitment.

Items are not even close to what he stated in the email. Pricing and items are not the same in membership mode.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $38.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Wholesale2b Cons: No telephone number, No refund.

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I just want to say to those of you who have experienced bad buisness with wholesale2b. I've read all reviews and I am on your side.

Everything I have read is accurate so far. I have my own complaints and I'm not a happy consumer.


1st off / shipping at that rate is not across the board / it depends on where the distributor is located. So if view a distributor out of the USA / then yes it is high / don't use them.

Also the backend of Wholesale2b is better then most other drop shipping services out there / such as the ebay plan - will show you what the current pricing is on eBay as well as the links to the product profiles. Sure there is a lot of product that you will not be able to compete as others on eBay and Amazon may be selling the product direct vs though drop shipper. Start with a free account review for a couple of weeks / then buy one month and try it - after 30 days not for you then move on / don't ask for a refund as you should not be expected to be refunded.

If it works / then pay for a year / the ebay plan is then about 10 bucks a month.


Are you serious wholesale2b works just fine for me it not a lottery ticket you have to put in some work. Some of you sound like it was a turn key to getting rich or something.

The suppliers there supply my dropshipping store and I make sells on Amazon.

If your dropshipping business not working for you its not wholesale2b. You might want to check your traffic generation model that goes for eBay and Amazon sellers too.


i tried the ebay plan and the website plan and neither made me a dime , only good products are sold out (or they keep to them self so they can sell them and screw their customers ) any nonrefundable fee is a scam!! they did nothing for me and mike the operator is an idiot!!! they refused me a full refund so i will haunt them as i promised them....this is what i mean , reviews and comments that will expose the truth about this criminal company!!!the website is not secure and generic looking un professional i can get a better site for free !


Thanks a lot for saving me my money. Was just toying with the idea of joining this one.


yes indeed they are a scam and a criminal enterprise that needs to be handled by law enforcement . Stupid Steve and Moron Mike Fender are the main operators and they both lie , the site lies and is nothing but a big con!!!

NO BUSINESS LICENSE !!! in operation for 8 years under the table not paying or charging tax !!!C R I M I N A L S !


This review is totally accurate! I lost money joining this site!

The shipping costs are ridiculous! I am sorry I ever found this site!

Want to make money drop shipping? Don't try it here!


i was thinking to join wholesale2b.after reading this i wont.

thanks for your reviews.i believed what you said.

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